Service Standards


We are always keen to enter into reasonable service standard agreements with our principals.

If there is no agreed standard then the following applies:

  • Initial contact with the client within one hour of receipt and appraisal of instructions.
  • Arrange to carry out survey on the same day as appointment or as required by circumstances.
  • Identify any third party liability issues and ensure legal rights of recovery are preserved on day of appointment ensuring joint survey offers are made and confirmed in writing with appropriate parties.

Liaison with insured/client:

  • Highlight the crucial aspects of the claim with the client and identify those areas, if any, which will require detailed investigation.
  • Maintain close contact with the client so that the claim or issue is progressed promptly.
  • Confirm that the client is aware of any aspects of the claim which might affect policy response or coverage.

Reports to insurer:

  • Same day (as the appointment if at all possible) preliminary advice by phone, e-mail or fax to the principal.
    Copies can be made to other parties, eg a broker if so required.
  • Formal report with all available relevant documentation to insurer via e-mail within 5 days of survey.
    By default, reports are issued as PDF documents.
  • Follow up with mailed/couriered original documents if so specifically requested.

Contentious issues:

  • Possible contentious issues are dealt with by separate phone contact with insurer.

Legal intervention:

  • It is our policy that insurers are advised immediately, at the outset of a claim, if legal intervention is considered a possibility for reasons of, for example, protection of privilege, protection of recovery rights, arrest of vessel and the like.

Expert consultants:

  • Insurers will be advised and approval sought before appointment of expert consultants.

Follow up:

  • Our standard follow up procedures have a maximum limit of one month from the last report or correspondence date with our principals. The limit may be shortened by request or as circumstances require.